Our Services

We pride ourselves on tackling jobs both big and small. We offer flat rate services to take the guess work out of putting us to work for you. Take a look below and see which plan makes the most sense for you and we'll take it from there. 


Sawing logs

Our love of making things is what got us into this business. Our sawmill was built to ensure it can handle the tough task of turning your tree into usable lumber. Our pricing model is simple. We charge .30 cents per board foot. To give a frame of reference, a log that is 15' long  with diameter of 20" will yield approximately 250 board feet.



We are not a tree service company. We specialize in cutting logs into usable lumber. However, if the tree you want to harvest is away from structures on your property we can bring the tree down safely and cut it into usable lumber. We are unable to provide a definitive cost for this service but please contact us for a quote. 


Purchase air dried LUMBER

Through the course of doing business, we have accumulated a lot of lumber that we make available for purchase for our customers. Pricing varies and current stock varies. Check the link below often for our current inventory.



Our sawmill is portable and can be transported to your jobsite. There is an assocaited cost but this option works best when there are several logs to be milled.